Road Rage Liability

Road rage and aggressive driving incidents have been gradually increasing over the last several years. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, approximately 80% of motorists are guilty of some form of road rage or aggressive driving.

Road rage occurs when a driver intentionally and knowingly threatens another motorist with their vehicle, aggressive driving often occurs when a driver carelessly and recklessly disregards right-of-ways and basic driving courtesy. As a result, car accidents involving these two elements and the deliberate negligent actions of an infuriated driver can result in serious and fatal injuries.

Common signs of road rage and aggressive driving include:

  1. Tailgating another person and continuously flashing the vehicle’s headlights
  2. Sudden acceleration of deceleration too close to another motorist
  3. Cutting off another motorist
  4. Dangerously and frequently changing lanes
  5. Intentionally slamming on the brakes while in front of another vehicle
  6. Constant use of the car horn
  7. Yelling at other drivers
  8. Making lewd and profane hand gestures to another driver

Holding Enraged Drivers Accountable for Road Rage Accidents

When a motorist engages in road rage or aggressive driving, that driver can be held liable for damages which led to an accident caused by his or her violent behavior. In some cases, the motorist could be charged with assault and battery if the road rage turns physical. For instance, if a driver purposefully rams your car, forces you off the roadway, or gets out to physically confront you, the motorist’s actions could be considered assault.

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