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Our team at McNair Law Offices, PLLC handles a wide variety of employment law issues – one of the most serious being sexual harassment in the workplace.

We understand the courage it takes for victims of sexual harassment to stand up to their:

  • Employers
  • Supervisors
  • And co-workers

We are committed to providing the kind of compassionate, understanding advocacy, and strong legal representation you need to make things right. Our Erie sexual harassments lawyer can help you hold your superiors accountable for their actions.

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What Constitutes Sexual Harassment?

With the recent deluge of widely publicized court victories for sexual harassment victims, workers in the United States are feeling more empowered than ever to speak up about:

  • Unwanted sexual advances
  • Quid pro quo harassment
  • Gender-based discrimination
  • And other forms of sexual harassment in the workplace

While speaking up about offensive behavior is important, you must also remember that certain criteria must be met for an action to be considered sexual harassment and punishable by law.

The following are typically not considered sexual harassment unless they persist and create a hostile work environment for those affected:

  • Passing comments
  • Bothersome jokes
  • Minor or isolated events

What Is Bona Fide Sexual Harassment?

Here are 5 examples of bona fide sexual harassment:

  1. Offensive remarks about an employee’s gender or sexual orientation
  2. Lewd sexual comments about a person’s appearance
  3. Quid pro quo harassment, in which a superior demands that subordinates accept sexually inappropriate behavior to get, keep, or continue enjoying benefits related to their job
  4. Creation of a hostile work environment via unwelcome sexual advances, sexually explicit comments, lewd posters or screen savers, etc.
  5. Hiring and firing decisions based on gender, appearance, or willingness to tolerate sexual harassment

Proving Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

In order to prove a sexual harassment claim, you will need to provide supporting evidence that meets very specific legal requirements.

These requirements will vary depending on your state and if you were harassed by:

  • Your co-worker
  • Your manager or supervisor
  • Another type of associate at work

Evidence Used to Prove Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Here are some of the forms of evidence your lawyer can use to prove you were sexually harassed:

  • Emails
  • Voicemails
  • Texts
  • Photos or videos
  • Additional forms of documented communication (Note: these conversations did not have to occur at the workplace in order for it to be considered workplace sexual harassment)
  • A record of your complaints filed to your company and the company’s response
  • Your employer’s sexual harassment policy
  • Testimonies from witnesses
  • Police reports
  • Proof of expenses related to the harassment

We recommend always providing copies of correspondence and never providing your original copies.

If you did not have a witness with you and an incident occurred, be sure to make note of everything that happened including:

  1. The time
  2. The data
  3. As well as what was said and what happened

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